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Mayssam Zaaroura (2010-2012), MA, Univ. of Ottawa

MA Thesis: Forgotten Revolutionaries: Reflections on Political Emancipation for Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon. (Feb. 2010 – June 2012)

Thesis available from UofO here.

Mayssam Zaaroura
Mayssam Zaaroura

The main objective of this research was to explore Palestinian refugee women’s political rights through a broader examination of the gender dynamics in one refugee camp in Lebanon. Using two focus groups and individual interviews with 20 women, the research highlighted the patriarchal and colonial structures that dominate the women’s lives, preventing them not only in engaging in political activities, but also hindering their opportunities for work and socialization outside their immediate familial spheres. The political disillusionment within the researched and broader Palestinian community, as a result of the encroaching project of Empire as defined by Hardt and Negri, has created a divided Palestinian cause, a failed youth, and a society attempting to hold on to its identity. However, along with that comes the oppression of a sub-section of that society – the women; the remaining possession that the men have. Women who previously engaged in armed resistance have not advanced politically, socially, or economically – and in fact the history of their struggles are being erased as surely as their land is. Nonetheless, pockets of resistance – a Multitude – of women are fighting the current towards a more emancipatory future for themselves and future Palestinian men and women.

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Eric Shalom (2008-2009) MA, Univ. of Ottawa

Major Research Paper (MRP): Current Conceptualizations of Emergency Education in Academic and Policy Literature: A Case Study of Dadaab. (Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2009)

Eric conducted his fieldwork while taking part in the annual Kenya Field Research course, hosted by Kenyatta University (May 2009).

The right to education has been enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, among others. Education is also an enabling right, therefore a gateway which allows individuals the ability to access more of their rights. This right to education is rendered more difficult ironically more essential for the refugee youth across our global communities. Eric’s research looked at how NGOs conceptualized emergency education for youth (post-primary education) in literature and how it was implemented in Dadaab refugee camp in North-eastern Kenya. Consistent with the literature, NGOs devoted more resources to primary education as opposed to post-primary institutions. In order to make up for this gap in adequate resources for their youth, the refugee community funded the construction of six secondary schools.