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Jocelyne Batchono (2008-2011) MA, Univ. of Ottawa

Major Research Paper (MRP): La désertification au Burkina Faso : les tenants et aboutissants de la lutte. (Jan. 2008 – Apr. 2011)

Burkina Faso village in dry seasonJocelyne investigated the ways in which a globally defined problem (“desertification”), and the Global Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD) are actually experienced in Burkina Faso.  Her analysis showed that while Burkina Faso’s environment has undergone significant physical changes, including land degradation, these also have a range of socio-economic causes and consequences.  She showed that while political ecologists and others have described and debated these aspects for decades, they still fall outside the scope of the CCD or the more technical national programmes that “combat desertification”.

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