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Summary of student projects

Currently I am working with 9 graduate students (2 PhD and 6 Masters at the Univ. of Ottawa and 1 Masters at Kenyatta University).  Their work is summarized under “Current“.
I have also completed work with another 26 students. See brief summaries from their work under “Alumni“.

Ongoing (University of Ottawa)

  1. Maurice Mukoie Dikaya (PhD candidate, Sept. 2015 – present) Resilience of smallholder livelihoods in rural DR Congo.
  2. Wilfried Nonguierma (PhD candidate, Sept. 2014 – present) Index-based crop insurance against climate change risks for Sahelian smallholder farmers.
  3. Bo Jia (MRP, Inst of Environmental Sustainability – GSPIA, Feb. 2016 – present) Climate change and conflict in East Africa.
  4. Maureen Owoko (MRP, Nov. 2015 – present) Women’s empowerment, mobile phones and agricultural development in Kenya.
  5. Maria Fernanda Maxil Platas (Thesis, Nov. 2015 – present) Harvesting the Future: The Impacts of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program on rural communities in Mexico.
  6. Yassine Ben Rejeb (Thesis, Oct. 2015 – present) Social franchising in the development non-profit sector: Prospects for achieving adaptable and sustainable scale of impact.
  7. Brenna Croal (MRP, Inst of Environmental Sustainability, Oct. 2015 – present) Caribou Variability and Inuit Food Security: A case study of Iqaluit and the Baffin Island Caribou herd.
  8. Angela Martinez (MA, Major Research Paper, 2012 – present) Discourses of Participatory Development and Participation at the World Bank.

Ongoing (Kenyatta University)

  1. Elizabeth Nyagoha Mugwang’a (MES, 2012 – present)
    An assessment of the factors affecting the adoption of drought tolerant crops in Ganze district, Kilifi County, Kenya.

Doorway in Mathare, Kenya

Completed (University of Ottawa)

  1. Pamela Tom-Jack (MA, Major Research Paper, 2015 – 2016) The Evolving Geopolitical Relations of Nigeria and China: What is the impact of the Nigeria-China trade and direct investment on the Nigerian economy?
  2. John-Eric Teehan (MA, Major Research Paper, 2014 – 2015) Critiquing the Malawian maize-fertilizer ‘success story’.
  3. Olga Gurts (MA, Major Research Paper, 2014 – 2015) Who profits from ecosystem services? The winners and losers of forestry PES schemes in Costa Rica and beyond.
  4. Maurice Mukoie Dikaya (MA, Major Research Paper, 2014-2015), Du double usage du mécanisme REDD+ : La lutte contre le changement climatique et la réduction de la pauvreté rurale.
  5. Eunice Njoroge (MA, Major Research Paper, 2011-2014) Urban agriculture as a livelihood for Urban Poor: Opportunities, Obstacles, and Policy Implications for sub-Saharan African Cities.
  6. Mohamed Noorani (MA, Thesis, 2013 – 2014) Realising Youth Aspirations through Promotive and Transformative Career Opportunities in the Agricultural Sector – A Case Study of Greenhouse Farming Technology in Kenya.
  7. Lynsey Longfield (MA ,Thesis, 2013 – 2014) Kenyan perspectives on the barriers and opportunities small-scale farmers face entering formal markets.
  8. Maude Derome (MA, Thesis, 2011 – 2014) Le mouvement d’agriculture solidaire en Équateur.
  9. Nathalie Rainville (MA, Major Research Paper) Women at the Center of Food Security in Ghana? An Analysis of National Investment Plans’ Support of Women in Agricultural Development. (2011 – Aug. 2014)
  10. Pierre-Anne Turmel (MA Thesis), Développement agricole dans le Sud du Rwanda : Étude du processus de participation locale. (Mar. 2010 – Aug. 2012)
  11. Tara McDonald (MA Thesis), Ignoring a Silent Killer: Obesity pandemic and Food Security in the Caribbean. Case Study: Barbados.  (Mar. 2008 – July 2012)
  12. Mayssam Zaaroura (MA Thesis), Forgotten Revolutionaries: Reflections on Political Emancipation for Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon. (Feb. 2010 – June 2012)
  13. Youcef Touizrar (MRP. Graduate School in Public & International Affairs), The EBA’s modest impact: Understanding the Everything But Arms initiative within the European Union’s broader agricultural trade policy environment. (Jan. 2011 – Aug. 2012 )
  14. Mélissa Therrien (MRP), L’humanitaire en état de guerre: Rôles, limites et conséquences de l’aide humanitaire internationale sur le conflit du Darfour au Soudan (2003-2009). (Jan. 2011 – July 2011)
  15. Jocelyne Batchono (MRP), La désertification au Burkina Faso : les tenants et aboutissants de la lutte. (Jan. 2008 – Apr. 2011)
  16. Eric Shalom (MRP), Current Conceptualizations of Emergency Education in Academic and Policy Literature: A Case Study of Dadaab. (Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2009)
  17. * Zahra Esmail (MRP), A Critical Problem with Rural Microfinance: Understanding Why Microfinance Field Workers Fail to Target the Extreme Poor in Rural Bangladesh.  (Sept. 2006 – Sept. 2007)
    * First graduate of the MA in International Development and Global Studies programme!

Completed (other Institutions – partial listing)

  1. Everlyne Binyanya Obwocha (MES, Kenyatta University) Vulnerability and adaptation to climatic change in West Pokot, Kenya. (2012-2015)
  2. Michael Tatuli Misiko (Ph.D.), Fertile ground? Soil fertility management and the African smallholder. (Wageningen University, Netherlands) (co-supervised with Paul Richards) (2004 – 2007)
  3. Somoni Franklin Mairura (M.Sc.), Identification of local plants as indicators of soil quality in the Eastern African region(Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES), Kenyatta University) (2003-2005)
  4. Ruth Adiel Kangai (M.Sc.), Assessment of adoption potential of soil fertility improvement technologies in Chuka Division, Meru South, Kenya(IES, Kenyatta University) (2002-2004)
  5. Julius Mumo Maithya (M.Sc.), The competitiveness of agroforestry-based and other soil fertility enhancement technologies for smallholder food production in western Kenya. (Department of Agricultural Economics, UoN) (2001-2004)
  6. John Mwaura Macharia (M.Sc.), Economic optimization of integrated soil fertility management strategies for maize-based production systems: A case study of smallholder farm typologies in Central Kenya. (Dept. of Agricultural Economics, UoN) (2003-2005)
  7. Nelson Juma Otwoma (M.A.) The role of indigenous knowledge in the management of soil fertility among smallholder farmers of Emuhaya division, Vihiga district. (Institute of African Studies (Department of Anthropology, UoN) (2001-2004)
  8. Michael Tatuli Misiko (M.A.), The potential of community institutions in dissemination and adoption of agricultural technologies in Emuhaya, western Kenya(Inst. of African Studies (IAS), UoN) ( -2001)
  9. Ketray Okusi (M.A.), The influence of research institutions on farmers’ management practices in Luanda Division, Vihiga District, Kenya. (IAS, University of Nairobi) ( -2001)

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