Man on phone crosses busy Nairobi street while on phone (GSMA dot com - File)

Kenya’s Telephone farmers (6 May, 2014) uOttawa Alumni Week

My presentation: Kenya’s “Telephone farmers”: Cellphones, migration, and ecological knowledge (pdf version available here).

The Faculty of Social Sciences organized this panel to highlight the role of social sciences in understanding food (in)security and food issues more generally.  (Thanks to the Vice-dean of Research and Alumni Affairs for making this part of the 2014 Alumni Week!)

CO-PANELISTS: Marie-Josee Massicotte (Political Studies), Jose Lopez (Sociology), and Elizabeth (Betsy) Kristjansson (Psychology).

Photos from the event available at

2014-05 Sl Sci of Fd - send pesa
Sending money might be easy by phone in Kenya, but it complicates social and economic relationships.

2 thoughts on “Kenya’s Telephone farmers (6 May, 2014) uOttawa Alumni Week”

  1. Dear speakers,

    Please I’d like to read an abstract of your presentation. The issue of using celphone is relevant in Benin (where i am from) to connect farmers in a network. But how efficient is this device in the struggle for food security is a question.

    Rolland (Political ecologist)

    1. Hi Rolland, I am not sure if you saw but there is a link on the webpage to the pdf version of my presentation. At the same time, please see the 2014 Book Chapter (We will not farm like our fathers…) that elaborates on some of these issues. Thanks for the interest!

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